Yet More Government Enforced Sex Work On Mandatory Job Seeking Website

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lap-dancing-UJ“In addition to our main stage entertainment we offer private dances in our basement booths or on one of dance beds from topless to fully nude.”

These are the type of vacancies still being advertised on the sleazy Government job seeking website Universal Jobmatch which has just been revealed to cost an astonishing £5 million a year  (spotted via @refuted).

And once again there is nothing to stop people under 18 from applying for the jobs, possibly even unaware of the true nature of the role.  Appallingly, people could even be forced into making an application for these vacancies or face having benefits stopped for up to three years.  This is not scare-mongering – if whoever is monitoring  Universal Jobmatch is unable to spot obvious vacancies for sex workers then what chance do front line Jobcentre staff have?  Claimants are already being threatened with sanctions for not applying for enough vacancies…

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Fracking – go-ahead given for extraction of foot from Lord Howell’s mouth

Pride's Purge


A controversial operation to extract a well-heeled foot from controversial Tory peer Lord Howell’s mouth has been given the go-ahead by the government.

The senior Tory’s facial orifice which has been accused of triggering several major earthquakes in the Tory Party recently – is to be allowed to resume producing gas and hot air but with the proviso that if it results in even the smallest seismic tremors there should be an immediate shutdown of the Tory lord.

The announcement comes not long after an independent report recommended that extraction of urine by the coalition government from the general population should be expanded to include the whole of the UK.


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Bedroom tax decision: So Cameron has committed contempt of Parliament too

Vox Political


It was hardly the resounding victory on which the government must have been depending; faced with a ruling in favour of the DWP, the 10 families who brought a judicial review against the bedroom tax just said, “We will have to appeal.”

The High Court ruled yesterday that the change to housing benefit, subtracting amounts according to whether tenants had one or more ‘spare’ rooms according to arbitrary guidelines laid down by the DWP, do not breach the human rights of disabled people.

The families – all disabled or parents of disabled children – had challenged the changes, claiming violations of the Human Rights Act and the Equalities Act.

The DWP was quick to get a comment out to the press. Unfortunately for ministers, it was shrill in tone and undermined the department’s case.

A DWP spokesperson said: “We are pleased to learn that the court has found…

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INCUBUS: Incendiary rants of an apostate anarchist

Since the horrible killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby just over a week ago, the English Defence League has seen a turn-around in their political fortunes in terms of membership, support and media coverage.  An organisation that was on the brink of extinction through in-fighting and persistent defeat on the streets has had new life breathed into it by parasitically latching on to the death of an off-duty soldier apparently at the hands of Jihadi ‘Islamicist’ militants, opportunistically using the event to push their own agenda. We might ask exactly what that agenda is, since it seems to be a very multi-faceted one.  On the surface the ‘organisation’ exists to combat ‘extreme Islam’, seeking to protest the growth of that ‘ideology’ on the streets, in Mosques, in Schools and Universities and throughout British society. The EDL claims to be’ inclusive’ and not Islamophobic, calling on Muslim communities, community and religious leaders…

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A Beginners Guide to Feminism – Can Men Be Feminists?

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

The debate surrounding whether men can identify themselves as feminists has raged for many years and there are many different view points surrounding it. So, can men be feminists? Does their inherent privilege make them unable to describe themselves as feminists? Should feminism be all inclusive? I think this depends on your definition of feminism and should consider the notion of male privilege as an obstacle to calling yourself a feminist.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” I like this definition – it’s simple, it’s not convoluted and it’s inclusive of everybody, regardless of gender. Surely, by this definition everybody can be a feminist provided they advocate women’s rights and equality of the sexes? Georgia Luckhurst believes so, telling me that

“I believe men can and should be feminists: feminism is about improving the…

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