North East People’s Assembly: build a movement to stop cuts

North East Peoples Assembly Against Austerity

16 February 2013, when over 1000 marched in Newcastle

By Alex Snowden

DISCLAIMER: The following article is the opinion of its author and does not represent the views of the People’s Assembly or of any political party

The North East People’s Assembly is a unique event. It is not simply another anti-cuts meeting or conference. The all-day convention on Saturday 14 September will be bigger, broader and more representative than any previous anti-austerity meeting in north-east England. And it will be a platform for action, not merely an occasion for talks and discussions.

Hundreds of people – representing a wide range of campaigns, trade unions and political backgrounds – will gather at the fabulous Northern Stage, in Newcastle’s city centre, to plan the resistance to austerity. We will be sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and developing the connections that can shape a more powerful co-ordinated opposition to cuts.

The regional…

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