PRIVATE hospital asks govt for £3.5M loan while renewing £200M contract


You couldn’t make it up. Stafford hospital was placed into administration by the government for supposed financial ‘unsustainability’, in spite of the Trust being ahead of financial targets agreed with the Dept of Health (DH) and regulatory body Monitor just last year.

The ‘Trust Special Administrators’ appointed over Mid Staffs will give their final recommendations on Wednesday. Those in the know are trailing that the decision will be a bad one for the people of Stafford and its surrounds, 51,000 of whom marched for the preservation of their hospital to little media attention, with the hospital radically downgraded and residents forced to endure a likely 45-minute journey (or often longer) to reach emergency care.

The battle to save Lewisham hospital goes on, as residents fight desperately to overturn a decision to downgrade their hospital to little more than a hip and knee replacement centre because a different London Trust got…

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